At random times throughout the school year we receive thank you letters from the students who attended the P.A.R.T.Y. Program with their classmates! It's always so neat to read what the youth have to say about the program and how it has affected them and impacted their lives!  I have compiled some quotes from the students for all of you to read!  I hope you enjoy hearing about not only the presentation that you give at P.A.R.T.Y. Program, but also the presentations that all of the others give too!  As you will see, every student is impacted by something different, and that's way we say over and over again that every one's different contribution is so valuable!  As you will see, every presentation has an affect on a life at one time or another!  We are SO thankful for each of you.....and the youth in Prince George are too!  As a bit of a disclaimer though, I didn't edit what they had to I have quoted them exactly as they have said it!!!!!

Grab a few minutes, and sit and read!  You will be encouraged!  

Student Responses


“I learned a lot by seeing the different crashes. It showed me how one reckless mistake can affect you for the rest of your life. And it showed me that just putting your seatbelt on can save your life.” 

“The presenter who made the largest impact on me was the police officer at the beginning. I’d like to say I enjoyed his stories, but enjoyed isn’t the right word. His stories were very impacting and the way he spoke has made his words stay with me ever since his presentation. His presentation scared me into not wanting to get into a crash.” 

“I would like to thank the RCMP for coming in and telling us how hard it is for them to do what they do and for taking time to tell us.” 

“Constable Godwin did an exceptional job. I was enthralled by his presentation and couldn’t stop listening. His stories were gruesome at times but never failed to make you think….the story that will stick with me most is the girl with the braid.” 


“I very much enjoyed the alphabet, and learning what the letters meant. I was really shocked by looking at the bloody pictures, but all it did was make we want to be safer in the end.” 

“We appreciated your slideshow presentation….your gruesome pictures were pretty cool….the pictures will stick in our minds as a reminder not to do drugs, drink and drive, and be distracted while driving.” 

“I found your presentation particularly intriguing. Ever since I was little, my grandfather has been trying to get me to go into medicine, like himself. I would always refuse. I would push away his wishes for my future, and replace them with my own… I have decided I would love to go into medicine, and become a surgeon like my grandfather. The pictures you showed us showed me that all I want to do is help people.” 

“Getting a look at what actually happens in the emergency room was very interesting.” 


“Nathan, thank you for presenting at the PARTY Program, we had so much fun. It was a real party, if you will. We really enjoyed your presentation. It was really moving to hear you talk about the driver who hit the telephone pole and only had time to say goodbye to the family. We agree to drive safely and not drive drunk. Our favorite part was when we played with the dummy. I think the PARTY Program is a great program for youth.” 

“We learned a lot while you showed us around the trauma room. It was very interesting and informative to watch how to handle an emergency call. You were very entertaining…..we really enjoyed your stories of calls you’ve been on.” 


“When I got home my dad wanted to know all about what I learned and we especially talked about the ICU. I’ve discovered that I would like to be a doctor in Intensive Care. The trip did not just teach me to be safe, but also it gave me a direction in life. I now have a goal to strive for.” 

“I’m thankful to have been able to view what happens at the ICU and to have learned about it. Being able to see that man in the ICU made me really sympathize with his situation and want to help.” 

“Wynne, thank you for taking your time to show us, in an interesting and entertaining way, the ICU. You were upbeat and cheerful, making it easy to pay attention to you. It was fun.” 


“One of the things that greatly impacted me was the scenario in the chapel, knowing that I could impact a perfect stranger, or even a friend or family member in such a strong way makes me feel so sad.” 

“One of the things that impacted me the most was going to the chapel. And seeing that your bad decisions don’t affect just you, but it can affect everyone around you as well.” 


“Visiting the morgue helped open my eyes to the consequences that we choose not to think about or ignore.” 

“One of the things I wanted to do was look at the morgue. I’ve always been interested in seeing it and all that stuff. So, ya, a big thank you for showing us it.” 

“I was excited about going to the morgue, but it really wasn’t like I expected. It was less “horror-film-like” and more realistic.” 


“I thought it was fun wearing the drunk goggles and trying to catch the ball.”

“I was amazed how much the drunk goggles affected me. I always thought being drunk wasn’t as bad as it seemed.” 

“After the tours was probably the funniest part of the program….drunk goggles. It was hilarious trying to do tasks with those on.” 


“For me, the biggest impact was left by the survivor stories. Hearing their regret, sorrow and sadness broke my heart and left me realizing that I would never want to hurt myself, or my family, that way. Thank you.” 

“I thank Jamie, Tracey, Dave and Jesse for telling their stories. It was sad but good to know that the stuff you guys talk about at PARTY Program does happen.” 

“For all the injury survivors I hope that they don’t give up even though they have lost a lot. The kids need you to show them what happens when you make bad decisions.” 

“The last presenter….the lady who lost her daughter….was the story that made me the most upset. Listening to her and seeing her grieve all over again was very touching to me and was very hard for me to watch because all I could think of is how upset my family would be if I was ever gone and how upset her family must have been and still must be.” 

“It is very shocking and eye opening to listen to the stories of people who have lived firsthand the consequences of not only their own but someone else’s bad judgment and decisions. These images and stories really gave me something to think about when I eventually do get my license.” 

“My heart goes out to all of you who have been hurt in some way, from a loved one who was hurt, or yourself, and I hope you never give up educating generations of young kids.” 

“I learned so much and took many life lessons away from PARTY Program, especially the presentations from the survivors. The weekend after, my family was working outside and my Dad and I went to jump on the side-by-side and grab something from the shop. I thought immediately about Jamie, and I went back inside to grab us helmets, and even my dad is trying harder to take more precautions when it comes to things like that.” 

“Introducing the people with brain injuries really gave me a perspective on the consequences that exist if you make wrong choices.” 

“I will always remember Dave’s presentation, his terrible story but his sense of humor through it all. He is so strong along with Jamie, Jesse and Tracy.” 

“I really took to heart how much Jasmine’s crash affected everyone who knew her, and still affects people today.” 

“Jesse….I’m sorry you didn’t get to be in the army, I know what it’s like to want to do something and not being able to do it because you don’t meet the qualifications. But I also learned that there is always a little light shining through the key hole of a new door. I’m so going to try the KD recipe, it sounds like it would be really yummy! I hope you keep doing the P.A.R.T.Y. Program for many years.” 


“Another thing I learned is why my parents worry so much when I go out with friends. They are afraid I won’t come home.” 


“After I left for home I couldn’t stop thinking about all I learned.” 


“This program really opened my eyes to all the dangers of making stupid decisions and being unsafe. I really liked the way you guys talked about the dangers of drunk driving and not wearing proper sporting equipment while also explaining that we don’t need to stop having fun, just needing to be careful and make good decisions.” 

“Thank you so much for spending your time educating the youth of P.G. I don’t know if you know how much this has affected me personally.” 

“I actually didn’t want to go at all, because I was really scared and I am very squeamish. My mom forced me to go and she just told me that I would thank her later, and now I am very thankful that I went.” 

“I plan on taking my driver’s test next Tuesday, and I’m promising myself that I won’t actually drive until I’m ready, and I will always stay safe. Thank you for changing my life and reminding me that my life is very valuable, and I will not throw it away.” 

“I have talked to many people that went to the P.A.R.T.Y. Program so much as 10 years ago. Many of the people told me it actually saved their life. This program is beyond impactful.” 

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